Measurement and control systems for laboratory power supplies

Measurement and control

All TTi laboratory power supplies offer high accuracy digital meters together with high resolution controls and dc output switches.

Standard models

Standard models, such as the EL and EX series, incorporate three digit meters for both voltage and current. This provides a level of accuracy and resolution sufficient for many purposes.

Separate coarse and fine voltage controls allow rapid and precise adjustment whilst a semi-logarithmic current control provides increased setting resolution at lower currents.

Precision models

Precision models, such as the EL-R EX-R, PL, TS, TSX and CPX series, offer a higher level of precision by incorporating four digit meters and remote sense terminals.

Four digit meters provide higher resolution and accuracy. Remote sense enables the power supply to regulate the voltage directly at the load thus eliminating the effect of connection lead resistance.

High precision digital control models

The QL series offer an unprecedented level of precision by incorporating 16-bit digital control and five digit metering with a resolution of 1mV.

This is matched with 0.1mA current resolution and remote sense terminals.

Voltage and current can be set directly from a numeric keyboard or can be set in quasi-analogue mode using a rotary encoder.  A similar control system is used on the high power QPX series.

Smart Analogue Controls

For users who prefer traditional analogue controls to digital controls, but who want the benefits of digital precision and stability, the New PL Series offers the perfect solution.

It incorporates S-Lock and V-Span to provide smart digital convenience functions along with true analogue controls.