Power Supply Technologies: PowerFlex

Auto-ranging, constant power DC power supplies giving higher current at lower voltage

Most laboratory power supplies (PSUs) offer a fixed maximum voltage and maximum current capability. Thus, for example, a 35V/20A PSU can supply up to 700 watts, but its power capability falls in direct proportion to the output voltage so that when being used at 12V, for example, the maximum power has reduced to 240W.

The alternative approach is to design the PSU to have an auto-ranging or semi constant power characteristic so that the current capability rises as the voltage falls. To achieve this on a high performance laboratory PSU which operates over a very wide range of voltage and current including zero power, presents substantial technical challenges.

TTi has developed an autoranging technology called PowerFlex. Power supplies using PowerFlex regulation offer a near constant power output over a wider range of voltage and current. Thus, for example, the QPX1200 can provide 20A at 60V, rising to 50A at 20V. Below 20V the maximum current remains at 50A.

PowerFlex Power Supplies: CPX SERIES

CPX Series PowerFlex power supplies CPX Series PowerFlex power curves

The CPX series are manually controlled dual output power supplies using PowerFlex regulation. Linear final regulation provides low output noise.
  • The CPX200D versions have two channels, each of 180W capable of providing from 35V/5A to 12V/10A.
  • The CPX400S and D versions are capable of 420 watts per output, each providing from 60V/7A to 20V/20A.
See the CPX series product page for more information

PowerFlex and PowerFlex+ Power Supplies: QPX SERIES

QPX600D Series QPX1200 Series QPX750SP QPX Series PowerFlex power curves

The QPX series are digitally controlled power supplies using PowerFlex and PowerFlex+ regulation. Linear final regulation provides low output noise. QPX-P models include full remote control via RS-232, USB and LAN interfaces (with LXI support). Setting resolution via these digital interfaces is 1mV for voltage and 1mA for current.
  • The QPX1200 is a PowerFlex design and has a total power of 1.2kW, providing from 60V/20A to 20V/50A.
  • The QPX600D is a PowerFlex+ design. It has two channels, each of 600W, providing from 80V/7.5A to 10V/50A
  • The QPX750SP is a PowerFlex+ design and has a total power of 750W, providing from 80V/9.4A to 12V/50A
See the QPX series product page for more information