Power technologies for laboratory power supplies

Power technologies

TTi laboratory power supplies use both linear and switch-mode technologies in order to optimize performance and value for money.

Linear regulation

Pure linear regulation still provides the lowest output noise and best transient response. The disadvantage is greater physical size and weight for a given power, together with higher heat output.

Pure linear regulation is used on the EL, PL, PLH, QL and TS series.

Mixed-mode regulation

For higher power levels, TTi have developed a technology that uses switch-mode pre-regulation and linear final regulation. This technique combines exceptional efficiency with noise levels that are close to that of pure linear supplies.

Mixed-mode regulation is used in the EX, TSX and MX series.

PowerFlex regulation

The TTi PowerFlex system uses a modified form of mixed-mode regulation to provide higher levels of current when the voltage is set to lower values. Although producing slightly higher noise levels than the standard mixed-mode regulation, performance is still excellent.

PowerFlex regulation is used on the CPX and QPX series. Within the QPX series, the QPX600D(P) and the QPX750SP use PowerFlex+ with a greater range of current and voltage for the same power.

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